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Why Tech Talent Needs Language Skills More Than Ever

Worldwide, technology is the fastest-growing sector of the global economy. In the face of that growth, the United States and Europe are experiencing a shortage in the talent required for these technology companies to grow. The labor market in information technology is getting tighter. Our latest infographic, “Language Skills for the Tech Talent Toolkit”, delivers some data on how language learning can help technology firms be more competitive in recruiting, retaining talent, providing better service, and making themselves more attractive in the mergers and acquisitions market. Check out the infographic RECRUITING AND RETENTION In a competitive talent market like IT,…

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The Top 5 Things You Should Explore at ATD 2018

ATD Expo, May 6-9 in San Diego, is just around the corner. Rosetta Stone invites you to stop by our booth #1015 to learn and chat about new and exciting trends in corporate language training. Gather the great information the expo has to share and then relax by playing Plinko with us. Step up and take the chance to win awesome prizes, including a one-year subscription to our Rosetta Stone for Business solution. Five areas we’re most excited to explore at ATD this year: Microlearning – A little learning goes a long way. As attention spans dwindle, microlearning is an…

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Sneak Peek: The Rosetta Stone K-12 User Conference

This fall educators will gather in person to learn, share, network, and enjoy some fun at our Rosetta Stone Inspire: 2018 User Conference—all in the name of K-12 language learning. To introduce you to our session format, we invite you to register for the Rosetta Stone K-12 user conference sneak peek on March 1, 2018, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST, when we will present highlights from our 2017 user conference. Get to know our user conference by watching a video overview and on-demand sessions, including: Keynotes from two outstanding students on why language learning matters Technology and Rosetta…

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5 Ways to Adapt Training Programs for Your Workforce

Want to bring out the best in your employees? Promote a company-wide culture of learning. Here’s the good news: Today’s workers are committed to and enthusiastic about lifelong learning. More than half of U.S. workers believe that new skills and training will be vital to their job success in the future, according to a 2016 Pew Research Center study. And a study on millennials by ManpowerGroup found that 93 percent of millennials (who will comprise 75 percent of the workforce by 2025) expect continuous professional development as an important part of their careers. Even so, employees want to learn on…

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Global Citizen Year Series: Language Learning Changed My Life

Meet Lindsay Saligman, Fellow at Global Citizen Year, and watch her video to hear highlights from her experience in Ecuador’s Amazon region. Her passion for language grew even stronger during her Global Citizen Year bridge year. “Language learning was a way to have access to people and ways of thinking that totally would be inaccessible if you did not learn the language,” said Lindsay. This was especially true in the rainforest village she called home, and where many villagers spoke in an indigenous language Lindsay went on to learn while living there. Watch video About Lindsay Salignman Lindsay Saligman is a…

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Top Trends in Corporate eLearning

The rise of personal computing, mobile devices, and smartphones has dramatically transformed the way people live, communicate, and share experiences. This phenomenon also has influenced the way your employees learn. Companies would be wise to invest in technology-based eLearning modules that allow workers to learn anytime, anywhere. The demand for corporate eLearning has increased by 900 percent over the last 16 years, according to online education developer Learnosity; while Designing Digitally, a custom eLearning service provider, estimates that 77 percent of U.S. companies offer some type of online training to boost their employees’ professional development. The flexibility and variety of eLearning methods,…

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5 Key Benchmarks for Defining Language Training Success

Calculating the ROI of soft skills training can be difficult. Fortunately, employee language learning lends itself to such measurement. While a few budgetary calculations are always possible, an even more valuable approach is to connect language training with job performance and business results. Start with this simple three-point plan: Set program goals Identify relevant metrics Create an action plan Working the plan Start by listing why language training is provided. Is it to reduce safety risks, increase employee performance, or improve customer service? All of the above and more? Here are just five benchmarks for measuring language training success. (1)…

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Rosetta Stone Launches Webinar Series for Corporate Learners

Want to keep up with the latest trends in corporate language training during 2018? Mark your calendar for the new Rosetta Stone monthly webinar series, Trainer’s Corner. Our presenters will address pain points, language learning topics of interest, and frequently asked questions on our language learning programs for business. Register for the first webinar, “Strategies to Engage Hourly Employees,” taking place on January 23 at 3:00 p.m. EST. Future webinars will cover topics such as: Implementing a successful language program at work Making time to meet your language learning goals Advocating for language training in your company Incorporating language learning…

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5 Pros of Language Training vs. Hiring

Seeking multilingual employees? Tap in to the talent you already have. Most employees are eager to grow professionally and learn new skills. This is especially true for millennials: Research shows that 71 percent of employees in this age group are likely to leave a position if dissatisfied with their development opportunities. Your current employees already are equipped with a deep knowledge of your company’s culture and practices. By giving them an opportunity to learn a new language—one that they are likely to encounter in the workplace—you’ll help them engage on a personal level with colleagues and customers everywhere. Here are…

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Global Citizen Year Series: Gap Year Abroad Sparks Love of Learning

By Kevin Pham – After going through the motions of finishing high school and applying to college, I felt as if something was missing from my formal education. I questioned the worth of higher learning, afraid that college would bear a striking resemblance to the last four years of tedious memorization and extracurricular overload. While searching for alternatives to college, I stumbled upon Global Citizen Year. This year reinvigorated my love for learning. It allowed me to explore my interests outside of the classroom, to wrap my tongue around a new language, and to develop a global perspective before stepping…

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