100,000 Facebook Fans Sweepstakes: One Hundred Winners Contacted!

Thanks to all for participating in our 100,000 Facebook Fans Sweepstakes. We appreciate all of your support in creating an active and engaging environment on Facebook. The Sweepstakes is now over, and we would like to congratulate our one hundred winners. Please check your inboxes; all winners have been sent an email entitled “Congratulations from Rosetta Stone!” We’re very excited for your upcoming language-learning journeys!

It was inspiring to read all of your entries, and we hope that you will stay tuned for our next benchmark celebration at half a million Fans. Help us get there by spreading the word to your friends about Rosetta Stone on Facebook!

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  • Michele White

    If one was a winner and accidently erased the email – will they be contacted again??

  • Tita Abbott

    Don’t hold your breath.

  • Juan Arango

    I was contacted via my email that I had won, but the email address that contacted me was a Gmail one. I just wanted to confirm that this was not a person phishing for information and I had actually won.

  • rvoiceadmin

    Hi, Juan. Yes, we did contact winners through a gmail email address. Thanks for checking, and you should feel free to respond to that email with your contact information! Congratulations on your win!

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  • Karen Nemeth

    Thank you Rosetta Stone! I just checked my email today and saw that you had sent me an email to let me know I’d won– and Juan thanks for asking the same question I was just about to ask about the gmail addy to respond to…

  • Gregory Bruno

    I had the same hesitation that Juan had. I thought I was getting punked! Now, I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Rosetta Stone software!

  • Celia Z

    Anyone know around what time we should be expecting it? I’m eagerly awaiting it in the mail, but I want to see if I should wait around for the UPS guy! LOL

  • Gregory Bruno

    Celia, I got an email from Allison Harper stating that the order was being processed, but it does not show up in the order status database on the Rosetta Stone web site. Hopefully, we will get some kind of notice when it ships.

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