100,000 Facebook Fans Sweepstakes – Win Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe!

***12/09/2010 Update:Winners of the 100,000 Facebook Fans Sweepstakes have been chosen and contacted. Thanks to all for participating, and keep your eyes peeled for the next milestone celebration!***


We are very excited to announce that the Rosetta Stone Facebook Fan Page has just crossed 100,000 Fans! In June of 2009 Rosetta Stone began our Facebook journey, in September of this year we grew to 10,000 Fans, and only two and a half months later we have reached 100,000. In celebration of this milestone, we are giving away 100 Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe Level 1 products, and you could be one of the lucky one hundred randomly selected individuals to win one!

To participate, just leave a comment on this blog post letting us know which language you would like to learn or are learning and why! Remember to use all required fields and to read the terms here for more details. By commenting, you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Official Rules.


At Rosetta Stone, we are committed to creating an environment in which language enthusiasts–Rosetta Stone customers and non-customers alike–can feel connected to each other, learn about language-related topics, ask questions, receive product support, and communicate ideas and suggestions. We are extremely happy for the amazing community everyone has helped us to achieve–we truly are committed to changing the way the world learns languages. A special thank you to Parature Inc. for allowing us in August of 2010 to become the first company to offer quick and dedicated customer service on Facebook through their Parature for Facebook™ application.

All, we hope you will continue to share your thoughts with us through posts and comments on our Page, and stay tuned because we have even more in store for Facebook!

***12/09/2010 Update:Winners of the 100,000 Facebook Fans Sweepstakes have been chosen and contacted. Thanks to all for participating, and keep your eyes peeled for the next milestone celebration!***

  • Nino

    I wanna learn Spanish Russian German and later Italian and French with Rosetta Stone software app 🙂

  • tricia

    i would love to learn spanish…didnt have the chance when i was younger and now i feel there is a definite need to learn Spanish!!!

  • Robert Edworthy

    I would really like to learn Dutch properly using Rosetta Stone. My girlfriend lives in Holland and I really wanna learn for her 🙂

  • David Mihai Chira

    I am learning German because I really would like to go study physics there

  • Mouna Awad

    i would love to learn french so next time i go to paris i can speak fluently and get around town!!!

  • Tiffany McAnally

    I’m actually interested in learning Spanish, but I haven’t begun doing so yet.

  • shawn dellinger

    I would like to learn Japanese and am looking at going to school for graphic arts and game design.Japan is where games are usually released first so I need to learn Japanese to be competitive when looking for a job.

  • Marian Popa

    I would like to learn FRENCH

  • http://Facebook Renee Addy

    I would like to learn Spanish

  • Jessica

    I have always wanted to learn Japanese, especially after years of studying french. i think it would be a most excellent challenge.

  • Sonia Ortega

    I use Rosetta Stone in my school’s language lab to study Chinese and really like it! I’d love to have a copy so that I can practice Chinese at home.

  • Candace

    I would love to learn German! I was born in Germany while my dad was in the Army. Someday I am going to back for a visit and I think it would be wonderful to speak with & undrstand the locals. I really hope that I am one of the winners!!

  • liz spears

    would love to start learning another language!

  • Julia Marshall

    I would like the Spanish version of Rosetta Stone. I live in Texas and we have a lot of Mexican immigrants here that I would like be able to communicate with. It would be beneficial in my job as well.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    Julia Marshall

  • Stephanie Wagner

    I would like to learn German because I have family that is German, I’m planning to visit Germany within the new two years, and I would like to be able to understand my family and people around me during my visit.

  • Laura Mackey

    French. I’d like to be able to read (and speak of course)
    French so that I can understand classic French cookbooks!

  • Janina Lee

    I’m learning Japanese because I love Japan and its culture 😀

  • Carissa

    I am learning Latin American Spanish because my boyfriend is from Mexico. I actually started learning before we met, because I encounter so many people at work who speak only Spanish. Learning another language is a skill I can use to help others and to feel great about myself.

  • http://www.drtimsweb.com/ Dr Tim

    I need to learn spanish so I can have a better time finding work in California.

  • Corrine

    Spanish because I just married into a hispanic family and would love to learn the language!

  • Donna Fleming

    I would love to learn more French.

  • Candice hill

    My daughter and I want to learn Spanish because we both love the language and are planning a trip where the language will be needed we love to have the program

  • Emily Richardson

    I would like to learn Italian, so I can do mission work in Italy! I heard that Rosetta Stone is the best, so I’m hoping to win one of the free TOTALe products! 🙂

  • Deborah Meiselman

    I am trying to learn SPANISH because it is a beautiful language and so many people around the world speak it.

  • uri fastag

    i have thoughts

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