[10/10 Webinar] Defining the Future of Corporate Training

BUS EvolutionOfCorp Blog live 440x325 WBG 1709 300x222You’re invited to join our upcoming webinar on October 10th, 11:00 a.m. EDT, Corporate Training Evolution: Defining the Future of Language Learning

Who Should Attend

Leaders from HR and Learning & Development, Team Managers, anyone interested in eLearning—and more specifically, the evolution of corporate language training.

When you evaluate your language training needs, do you find that your employees don’t all need the same training? Digital tools now provide organizations like yours several ways to personalize learning.

Register to attend our discussion of how corporate training has shifted to a technology-driven initiative in order to meet the diverse needs of a global workforce.

You’ll learn:

  • How organizations are taking language learning online to reap the benefits of increased employee retention and reduced costs
  • How to consolidate disjointed cost centers and informal programs to gain visibility into your workforce and report ROI
  • How to leverage analytics to meet the unique language-learning needs of your employees
  • Success stories from real organizations that have made the shift to digital language learning

Register for the webinar today.

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