Rosetta Stone: Helping Me Feel at Home in Taiwan

One of the great advantages of my family’s relocation to Taiwan is that we now have relatively easy access to some fantastic Asian vacation destinations. In the course of nine…

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Why Are Some Languages So Complicated?

Linguist Danny Hieber, Editor in Rosetta Stone’s Endangered Language Program, answers a question from one of our Facebook fans: Why are some languages so complicated? Click on the video below…

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I'm going to move back to Canada!

The following is an unedited testimonial from a real Rosetta Stone learner.  Like most English-speaking Canadians, I learned nothing of any value in my elementary school French classes, and I…

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Kevin Scannell Live Q & A

On June 22, 2011, Kevin Scannell joined Rosetta Stone for a live interview. He’s the creator of, and a Professor of Computer Science at Saint Louis University. Using his knowledge…

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Rosetta Stone ReFLEX Launches in Korea!

Last month marked an exciting turning point for the Rosetta Stone team in Korea. We launched two groundbreaking solutions for English learners in Korea: Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe English…

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Inspire Others by Sharing Your Language Story: Enter to Win $10,000 Toward a Dream Trip

We often receive passionate, funny, and inspiring personal anecdotes about language learning from members of our communities on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve seen that a wide range of motives inspire…

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