Rosetta Stone Experience Kiosks Launch in Malls across the United States

In early 2011, Rosetta Stone opened its first “experience stores”—revolutionary, interactive environments, in retail settings, where consumers can test out our immersion method of language learning and our award-winning Rosetta…

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What Does It Take?

When I read the comments to my post about an encounter I had in a California church, I was surprised by how many people asked, “What does it take to…

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Language Myths and Complicated Languages

My recent video answering the question “Why are some languages so complicated?” sparked a great discussion among some of our readers—and it raised some good questions. I thought I’d reply…

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Putting My Skills to the Test in Oaxaca

Not long after the sun had set one Friday evening in late May, Leslie and I stumbled wearily out of the Oaxaca international airport and headed toward the taxi stand…

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