International Commercials: United Kingdom Ads Speak to Japan

So far in the Rosetta Stone blog series on international commercials, we’ve featured two Korean ads. This time, we’d like to share a commercial running in the United Kingdom. In…

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Learning Mandarin to Improve Professional Opportunities

As a lawyer with localized, small-town experience (rather than international, corporate, or financial expertise), I knew that finding work here in Taiwan would be difficult. Because my family’s relocation for my wife’s work…

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International Commercials: Korean Ads Emphasize Speaking

Two weeks ago, we shared a Korean commercial for Rosetta Stone ReFLEX. In the advertisement, a man faces a nerve-wracking challenge when an English-speaker asks him which button he should…

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Rosetta Stone

Luna di miele italiana

When my fiancée and I decided on a trip to Italy for our honeymoon, I saw the perfect opportunity to surprise her. Why not try my hand at learning Italian?…

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jack tab

Summer Vacation, Rosetta Stone Style

One of the highlights of my summer was traveling to Portland, Oregon, and sharing ideas with university leaders about innovative strategies for language education. Another highlight came a day later,…

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International Commercials: Rosetta Stone Rocks Korea

With the release of Rosetta Stone ReFLEX in July, the Rosetta Stone team in Korea has been busy. In addition to welcoming new Rosetta Stone ReFLEX and Rosetta Stone Version…

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