Finding a Hobby: Foreign Language Learning

Remember how it seemed that, coming up through school, everybody found a hobby-turned-passion? There was the girl who played the violin so well Stradivarius himself would’ve been proud. Another discovered…

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Where Theory Meets Practice: Using Language To Help Make the World a Better Place

Whenever I tell someone I’m a linguist, the inevitable question I get asked is, “So how many languages do you speak?” Similarly, when I tell people I work at Rosetta…

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The International Man of Dance: Has Rosetta Stone Created a Global Superstar?

The International Man of Dance is on the road to superstardom. His 2012 New Year’s resolution: master the art of movement. Since he loves learning new languages, he hopes to…

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Learning French with Rosetta Stone

I felt that learning French would be a daunting task as I had no background with the language, and I didn’t understand a single word. Nevertheless, when my Rosetta Stone…

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