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Big Changes to Rosetta Stone TOTALe!

The home screen in Rosetta Stone The Rosetta Stone TOTALe online environment is getting a major update! The home screen and Rosetta World have a new…

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Thank You Note from Tim

I admit, at first I was quite sceptical about purchasing your TOTALe Spanish software. It was quite the investment, but after an embarrassing trip with friends to Cuba where I…

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Dancing Pandas and Singing Linguists

We have a special treat for you today. Within the last few weeks, my coworkers and I have been busy working on our Rosetta Stone Latino Facebook Page. Gerard Muskus,…

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Going on Vacation? If You Just Get By on English, You’re Missing Out

Working in research and development for Rosetta Stone means having the opportunity to work with and learn about a lot of different languages. We are encouraged to spend significant time…

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A Phone or a Language?

A phone or a language. That was the choice I made when I graduated from elementary school. My choice was life changing. Because now I know English and Swahili. I…

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Rosetta Stone Customers Weigh In: The Top-Five Advantages of Online Learning

There’s no doubt that technology is transforming the way people learn, and the popularity of online educational tools is rapidly increasing. To support this growing movement, many companies, including Rosetta…

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