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The Story of Sandy and Jack:  When Francophiles Turn Fanatics

We’re not saying you should never speak English again. Imagine you’re someone like Sandy. You might have taken years of high school French without ever perfecting your accent. You might…

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New Infographic on the Evolution of Classroom Language Learning

The state of language learning instruction in K-12 As much as the politicians mention how the United States needs to make their students more competitive in the world’s job markets,…

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Reading Swedish Poetry

Taking another plunge, this past week I threw myself into trying to read “real” Swedish poetry again. By “real,” I mean poems that were written in Swedish by native speakers…

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Rosetta Stone

Celebrate Foreign Language Week: Coaches Share Travel Tips and More!

With the first week of March underway, we here at Rosetta Stone are excited to celebrate the new month and Foreign Language Week! Foreign Language Week was started in 1957…

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