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Is Online Software the Next-Generation Textbook in Language Programs?

A recent survey by the Babson Survey Research Group showed that over six million students took at least one online course in 2012, and that number seems set to rise.…

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How Technology Can Strengthen Faculty-Student Relationships in Language Programs

As institutions continue to supplement traditional classroom language instruction with technology solutions, interactions between language instructors and students — both in and out of the classroom — are evolving. The…

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Bubbles and Toys Galore: A Mom’s Take on the Rosetta Stone Kids App

When I heard that Rosetta Stone was coming out with an app that helps preschoolers practice their reading skills and expose them to language learning, I jumped at the chance…

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Does Language Belong in Diversity & Inclusion Programs?

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives are all about harnessing the unique strengths and abilities of a varied workforce for stronger performance. However, the path to a sustainable, diverse organization isn’t…

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Online Language Learning – Recipe for Success Webinar

Rosetta Stone invites you to keep your new school year momentum going and view our Recipe for Success webinar that focuses on online language learning and the benefits it provides…

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