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Adjusting Corporate Culture to Attract Top Talent

Despite hesitant signs of economic recovery and reports of stagnation in the job market, competition for the best and brightest professionals remains fierce. With so many companies vying for top…

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Foreign Language Proficiency Makes More Than Cents

Although many business leaders have no difficulty understanding the practical value of second language proficiency, not everyone knows the financial benefits of being able to communicate in a foreign tongue.…

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Investing in English Language Learning: A New Path to Profitability

More than two thirds of the Global 1000 workforce speaks a native language other than English according to the World Trade Organization, yet more and more corporations are adopting English…

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Workplace Safety Depends on Language Understanding

Diversity in the workplace is certainly something to be celebrated, and can contribute to national as well as international market expansion efforts. Are there times, however, when bilingualism can actually…

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