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Career Advice for College Students

Graduates like you have forever been faced with question marks staring them down at the end of their commencement walk. “What will the future hold for me?” “Am I ready…

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HR Becoming More Important In Driving Corporate Change

The workplace is changing. Total technology integration, from mobile to web and beyond, is now practically normalized. Younger generations of employees entering the workforce bring completely new skills and competencies.…

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How Turning Your Employees Into Advocates Can Make A More Productive Workplace

Creating and fostering a relationship of respect between management and employees is one of the best steps you can take to produce a happy and efficient workplace. It’s important that…

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Intercultural Communication Skills for Faculty and Staff

As universities continue to internationalize, both academic and administrative staff face new tasks that require advanced intercultural communications skills. Individuals at all levels and in nearly all functions serve a…

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Penske Talks Inclusiveness on UN World Day for Cultural Diversity

In recent years, the push for diversity and inclusion in the workplace has seen a surge as companies move to implement diversity-friendly policies and corporate training programs on a global…

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Why You Should Encourage Corporate Development For Hispanic Employees

As companies strive to embrace diversity, it’s increasingly important for HR professionals to be aware of the broad array of different cultures present in the office. Being sensitive to the…

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Italian Language Lessons in Action

I’m amazed that it’s been two years since I started my Italian-language journey in earnest. Strangely, the deeper I go, the less I feel I know. But at the same…

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