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Education Becoming a Primary Focus of Rosetta Stone

Judy Verses, president of Rosetta Stone Global Enterprise & Education (E&E), recently gave an interview to Forbes about the company’s renewed approach to the education market through acquisitions and a…

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More Immigrant Entrepreneurs Means Changes For Small Businesses

Discussions of immigration in the U.S. typically center on how immigrants fit into the larger cultural picture – in other words, what challenges can immigrant populations face when integrating into…

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5 Celebrities Who Speak Spanish

When you’re learning a language it’s often inspirational to see who else has taken on the challenge—or maybe it’s just fun to see what celebs do in their spare time.…

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Big Changes in Language Industry Benefit Higher Ed

A lot has changed in the language-learning platform industry over the past 24 months. As reported in Forbes, the delivery model has completely crossed over to cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscriptions.…

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Inglés en Cinco Minutos: ‘Make’ vs. ‘Do’

¡Hola, aprendedores de inglés! Hoy analizamos dos palabras más que son difíciles para los que tienen español como idioma materno. Para cubrir los usos del verbo “hacer,” necesitamos DOS verbos…

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New Vaccine Markets Are Further Internationalizing Big Pharma

With the Ebola virus raging in West Africa, and dengue fever infecting people in over 100 countries worldwide, there’s big business in keeping people healthy. The vaccine industry, technically separate…

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