3 Solutions That are Right for Your Language Classroom

Rosetta Stone, language learning, language skills,You can’t build a strong language-learning program in your school or district without a strong foundation of state-of-the-art technology and proven lessons that get results. Fittingly, that’s why we called the first component in the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 – Foundations.

Rosetta Stone® Foundations is the e-learning solution for beginning to intermediate learners in up to 24 different languages. This is where the fundamentals are learned that will lead to fluency and the global competence that will make your students desirable in the world economy.

Foundations starts with language lessons that focus on three aspects that define language—pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary—as well as the skills they will need to be able to perform in the real world: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Class-leading speech recognition technology makes sure these lessons are immersive and supremely beneficial.

Check out this video to see these Language Lessons in action.

From there, we move onto the activities and games that make sure the student’s language learning is reinforced in a way that is engaging and fun. All of the activities are interactive and are systematically unlocked through the learner’s progress in the Language Lessons, making sure that the student is invested in the process.

Here is a video of what some of these activities look like.

Finally, Live Tutoring makes sure any Foundations student receives the attention they need, when they need it. The tutors continue the immersive experience provided by the Language Lessons and make sure the student is progressing correctly. The classroom teacher is free to support other learners, which is important in these days of swelling class sizes.

This video demonstrates how live tutoring works in Foundations.

All of these aspects and more (like mobile access and administrative tools so teachers can always monitor student progress) are what make Rosetta Stone Foundations the most comprehensive blended language learning solution available. Students emerge from the program more confident in their skills and ready to progress to more advanced study, either within your program or in post-secondary work.

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