5 Celebrities Who Speak Spanish

When you’re learning a language it’s often inspirational to see who else has taken on the challenge—or maybe it’s just fun to see what celebs do in their spare time. In the United States, Spanish is the second-most spoken language, and Hollywood is with the rest of us who’ve learned, or are learning it. Here are some video clips showing the prowess and dedication of some of these estrellas.

Ben Affleck, along with his younger brother, Casey, learned to speak Spanish while living in Mexico. You can see how at ease he is with his second language in this short clip.


Spending four years living, working, and playing soccer—for Real Madrid no less!—would help anyone bone up on their Spanish, including David Beckham.


Actors are known to commit themselves to their craft—some more than others, at least when it comes to language. Both Will Ferrell and Danny DeVito have done just that in recent years when they decided to learn a new language for their respective projects.

Will Ferrell worked with a Spanish translator and speech coach for his all-Spanish film, Casa de mi Padre, in which the actor performs entirely in his new language. Although he’s not fluent—not even close—his dedication to the language for this film is impressive.


Danny DeVito went a step—really five steps—further when the producers of the movie The Lorax asked him to do the non-English voiceovers for every international version of the film. He took on Castilian Spanish and Latin American Spanish, Italian, German, and Russian.


Gwyneth Paltrow is a known polyglot (featured on our blog for her French-speaking skills.) Here, she shows off her exquisite Spanish skills and tells us—in that language—where she picked it up.


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