5 Free Classroom Printables Teachers and Students Will Love

Teacher Appreciation Week, TAW2017, Teacher Printables, Rosetta StoneTeacher Appreciation Week offers one big national chance to come together and recognize teachers during their special week.

Along with so many other boosters, from parents to peers, we appreciate the talent and knowledge teachers share with their students every day.

This year, we’ve created fun (and free!) resources teachers can use in their classrooms for themselves and others to give student engagement a little boost.

These great printable resources are available online for easy downloading, both to enhance teachers’ classrooms and to add fresh activities for their students, including:

  • Class Reward Coupons teachers can print to recognize hard work and student achievement, including passes for no homework and late homework, sit with a friend, and X amount of minutes free time; one free punch on the reward card; a good note home pass; and a blank coupon for a reward that we leave to teachers’ imagination.
  • Teacher’s Own Summer 30-Day Countdown Calendar is a fun resource to help teachers and their students keep a sharp eye on this year’s school days as they tick away.
  • 10 Simple Steps to Language-Learning Success in Your Classroom Poster. This informative summary is the perfect new resource to share at faculty meetings or hang in the teachers’ lounges—and wherever else educators may gather.
  • Reward Punch Cards are the new gold star, only better. Once a student completes a language-learning task, such as finishing a Core Lesson or meeting a time goal, the teacher punches their card to mark the student’s progress toward a reward or prize.
  • Blank Certificates that teachers can print for students once they have completed a lesson or activity goal. It’s a fun and immediate recognition of student effort and achievement!

Download all of these great tokens of our appreciation!

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Every day we appreciate our partnership with teachers that brings the benefits of language learning to their students. Both deserve our best efforts—including these fun resources to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!

Download your free, printable Teacher Appreciation Week resources.

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