Seven World Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss

Beauty abounds in colorful festivals around the world. Many—with their grandeur and ancient customs—are absolute destination events. If you’re planning a trip this year, or if you’re writing your bucket list, consider adding some of our favorites to your itinerary.

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From ancient rules of forgiveness, to contemporary individualism, these festivals are sure to speak to the traveler in you. From ancient rules of forgiveness, to contemporary individualism, these festivals are sure to speak to the traveler in you:

Art Basel. Located in three cities across the globe, this event is the pinnacle art festival for artists and art lovers alike.

ŸLas Fallas. Can you say “giant puppets”? The people of Valencia, Spain, go big for this celebration.

ŸJunkanoo. Undoubtedly, this parade is one of the most colorful reasons to go to the Bahamas.

ŸCarnaval. Did you know there’s more to Brazil’s Carnaval than feather headdresses and samba?

ŸHoli. Hands down, this Hindu celebration is the most colorful festival in the world.

ŸTaiwan Lantern Festival. Making a wish never looked so ethereal.

ŸSongkran. Celebrate the New Year in Thailand—in mid-April! Travelers note: Bring your galoshes.

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Hi, and welcome to Rosetta Stone TV, Thanks for joining us. Today I’m going to give you the inside scoop on some of the most beautiful festivals around the world.
To start off, we recommend Art Basel to any art lover. The event is hosted in Basel, Switzerland, Miami Beach, and Hong Kong. It’s an international art show, where artists and collectors from all over the world descend on the host city to socialize, and buy and sell artwork from emerging artists.

Las Fallas, in Valencia, Spain, is a five-day celebration featuring the burning of large-scale puppets, which can take an entire year to construct. The holiday started in honor of St. Joseph, the patron saint of carpenters.

Junkanoo is a street parade in the Bahamas, featuring elaborate costumes, dance troops, and live music. The exact origin of the parade’s name is unknown, but there are two common stories. In one, John Canoe, a West African Prince, is remembered for tricking the English. In another historical account, the parade is named for the French words for unknown or masked people.
Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is the largest pre-Lent extravaganza in the world. In addition to parades, the event features samba competitions from some of the top samba dancing schools in Brazil.
The Holi Festival is the Hindu “festival of colors” celebrated during the springtime in India and Nepal. The festival celebrate the triumph of good over evil and is meant to bring together people from all different backgrounds. Revelers hold large bonfires and throw colorful powders at each other in celebration.
During the Taiwan Lantern Festival, people gather in the Pingxi district to release lanterns into the sky in celebration of Chinese New Year. Before releasing a lantern, it’s customary to write a wish on it. Almost 200,000 lanterns are launched every year.

In mid-April, people in Thailand celebrate the New Year with the Songkran Festival. Streets are closed off and entire cities participate in a water fight. Along with public celebrations, many mark the Buddhist festival by cleansing the images in their household shrines.

This has been a round up of a few of our favorites. Do you have any recommendations for other beautiful festivals and events? Be sure to drop us a line, or better yet, share your photos with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Thanks for watching!

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