A Birds-Eye View of Working with Rosetta Stone

Understand how K12 students learn with Rosetta Stone.This month, Rosetta Stone debuts a new online video presenting a birds-eye view of what it’s like to work with the TOTALe® PRO solution in a classroom setting.

The video shows how the Rosetta Stone solution streamlines the online language learning process for classrooms and utilizes engaging and colorful animation that gets students excited about using the program.

Tailored for today’s busy students

Beginning with a description of all the blended-learning settings in which the program can be used, the video reviews:

  • Independent learning on classroom computers
  • Small group instruction
  • Flexible device and BYOD

In all of these environments, learners work at their own pace using an engaging, interactive online interface. Of course, Rosetta Stone online learning isn’t limited to the classroom. Students can work wherever they find themselves. Accompany students as they work

  • at a remote lab
  • in the school library
  • during study hall
  • on the bus
  • at home

When progress can be made from anywhere, growth comes quickly.

How do students progress?

The video shows the Rosetta Stone learning model in depth. Students work at their own pace, reaching milestones along the way that are customized to the school or classroom’s needs.

Tasks that align with the creativity and critical thinking skills required of today’s 21st century and Common Core learners are presented in the model.

As students become accustomed to learning tasks built around these skills, non-Common Core subjects will also have to work in this fashion. In this respect, Rosetta Stone is already ahead of the game.

Students work on level ground, using feedback individually tailored to motivate them if they should struggle.

We believe this video shows what it’s like for students to access the 21st century language skills they will need to be competitive in the world economy. Rosetta Stone language learning helps get them there.

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