A Philatelist's Dream: Earning Stamps in Rosetta Stone

stampThe Research and Development team at Rosetta Stone is always searching for new ways to motivate our learners. This week, we’re proud to announce an improved way to view the stamps you earn as you progress through your Version 4 TOTALe product. You earn stamps in Rosetta Course, Rosetta Studio, and Rosetta World for learning new concepts or trying out your new language.

When you earn stamps in Version 4 TOTALe, the next day you sign in, you’ll see those stamps featured on a special panel.  In addition, you can now easily browse all of your stamps—and the stamps you’ll earn soon—by clicking on your Profile and navigating to the Stamps link.

We think this new feature will serve as a fun reminder of all the progress you’re making in your new language!

Rosetta Stone stamps

An image of the Recent Stamps screen from Rosetta Stone

  • http://gias.uncc.edu Ellen

    glad to see this. Have always thought the Stamps were a great development and should be amped up =D

    • Rosetta Stone

      Great, Ellen. Thanks for the feedback.

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