A Phone or a Language?

A phone or a language. That was the choice I made when I graduated from elementary school. My choice was life changing. Because now I know English and Swahili. I learned Swahili with Rosetta Stone.

Swahili is a very important language. It’s an official language in 5 African nations, including Kenya, Tanzania, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. Its number of overall speakers is still being debated, but most people agree that the number of speakers is well over 50 million people within and outside of Africa. Its origin is also up for debate, but Swahili is today classified as a Bantu language (Bantu is a group of languages that belongs to one of the larger African language families). Swahili is also the second most spoken language in Africa (the first is Arabic).

boy using computer

Kieran sits at the computer with his headset.

You may wonder why I decided against a phone. My decision to learn Swahili was because Swahili had more of a history. It has been used by countless people for countless generations. But if people don’t keep using it and learning it, it could disappear forever.

These are the reasons I enjoy Swahili. And these are the reasons I chose to learn this language out of the thousands of languages spoken worldwide rather than get an electronic device that’s growing in popularity every day.

I hope to give you an idea of what Swahili words look like:

Na mimi huongea Kiswahili.

Mina anapenda Kiswahili kuliko simu.


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