About Us

What is Our Mission?
Everything we do at Rosetta Stone revolves around a simple idea: learning a language should be fun, easy and effective.

We approach language learning the same way that you first learned a language—using a natural method that teaches new language directly, without translation. That means no more confusing grammar explanations or vocabulary lists to memorize.

As the leading language-learning software in the world, Rosetta Stone makes learning a new language second nature. Millions of learners in more than 150 countries have already used our technology to gain the confidence that comes with truly knowing a new language. We’re continually improving and adding new products.

What is Linguavore?
Linguavore is Rosetta Stone’s blog. It’s comprised of two sections: RVoice, with posts from Rosetta Stone employees and experts in the language field, and Language Journeys, featuring observations, experiences, and first-person stories by real-life language learners.

The Welcome tab of our blog features all posts, ordered by date. Sort through RVoice and Language Journeys posts by clicking on the tabs next to the Welcome tab. Search for a topic, like “China” or “Dynamic Immersion” by using the blog’s search feature. Submit your own content by applying the be a guest blogger or by sharing your own language learning tale.

We welcome your comments and feedback and hope you enjoy what you read.

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