Aspen Skiing Company Uses Rosetta Stone to Help Keep Pace with Growth of Global Clientele

As the 2014-2015 ski season gets under way in North America, Rosetta Stone, the Expanding into new markets is key for Aspen Skiing Company. Learn how they approach customers both before they arrive and while in’s leading provider of education technology and language-learning solutions, released a case study offering new evidence of the critical connection between customer service success and employee language-training programs for businesses operating in a global context. Based on an analysis of the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for Business program now in place at Aspen Skiing Company of Colorado, the study focuses on the impact of language training on market expansion, customer service, and workforce development challenges.

Aspen Skiing Company—which operates iconic resorts at Snowmass, Aspen Mountain, Aspen Highlands and Buttermilk and recently renewed its partnership with Rosetta Stone—caters to an industry-high percentage of international visitors each year. The case study, titled “A Global Accent on Service,” outlines Aspen’s efforts to equip its sales, hospitality, ski instruction, and ski patrol employees with language skills to continue to provide world-class service to its increasingly global clientele and bolster its positioning in emerging international markets.

“Working with Rosetta Stone allows us to better serve our customers on and off the slopes,” said Jeff Hanle, Director of Public Relations at Aspen Skiing Company. “It also enables our employees to expand their skill set and grow within the company. It is a valuable tool both internally and externally for our business.”

Aspen Skiing Company has earned international recognition for on- and off-slope activities it provides guests at Aspen Snowmass. With global interest in skiing and other winter sports at an all-time high, the company deduced that stronger language skills would enable it to better penetrate emerging tourist markets, help the ski school to communicate better with guests, enhance the customer experience provided by its hospitality services, and increase the effectiveness of ski patrol operations when responding to emergency situations. Aspen turned to Rosetta Stone to administer an online language-learning solution that would be accessible anywhere, anytime.

The Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for Business helped Aspen employees build their confidence to speak their new language—and quickly. Live, online tutoring sessions with qualified native-speakers and interactive games and activities helped learners reinforce and practice what they learned. Aspen staff took advantage of many of the 30 languages Rosetta Stone offers, but focused on those that would enable them to serve the company’s key current and potential markets.

“My language learning has also given me a new perspective and respect for the language barriers and challenges our customers face when English is their second language,” said Candace Sherman, Aspen Skiing Company’s Senior International Sales Manager, who is learning Mandarin in an effort to serve Aspen’s important emerging market in China. “We’ve adjusted some of our customer-facing experiences to tailor to Chinese speakers…and customers have been very receptive. It demonstrates a genuine interest in their culture and helps build the relationship when the first impression is one of respect.”

“In today’s increasingly global marketplace, language proficiency impacts individual and organizational success, and businesses are looking for effective solutions,” said Judy Verses, President of Global Enterprise & Education at Rosetta Stone. “The results we’ve been able to achieve with Aspen are especially gratifying because they demonstrate clearly that companies that invest in language training for their employees are accelerating their businesses on multiple levels. Aspen’s investment in the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for Business is paying dividends in sales, service and safety—not to mention employee engagement.”

In the new study, Aspen’s Candace Sherman echoes Verses’s statement: “Offering the opportunity to develop new language skills through Rosetta Stone shows Aspen’s commitment to investing in its employees and leading the industry for international ski travel.”

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