About Guillermo “el Gallo” Gayoso Jones

Friends of Guillermo Gayoso Jones call him “Gallo Gayoso,” and he’s quick to note that gallo means rooster in Spanish. He was born in southern Texas and moved to Colombia when very young. Gallo is pursuing a biotechnology degree in Lausanne, Switzerland—a French-speaking university city on Lake Geneva. Gallo’s favorite movies are Terminator 2, La Dolce Vita, and Badlands; he loves the poetry of César Vallejo and the prose of Vladimir Nabokov; and he enjoys sunsets and bikes. The first thing Gallo does every morning is write down his dreams. Recently, he recalls, “I dreamt I was at the movies, and instead of Jessica Alba the main character was played by my ex-girlfriend.” “I wish I could speak French better,” laments Gallo, who’s pursuing his goal with the help of Rosetta Stone TOTALe.