About Xin Shan

Xin Shan is an undergraduate student at Stanford University majoring in linguistics and biology. She was born in China, raised in Japan, and moved to the United States in fourth grade. There, she started learning Spanish in seventh grade and picked up a bit of Korean at Stanford. She loves learning languages and acquiring the new dimensions of emotions that accompany each culture. In addition to learning Korean with Rosetta Stone, her next goal is to try her hand at learning American Sign Language. On a daily basis, Xin uses her languages in a variety of situations. She uses Chinese to interpret for patients and doctors at a free clinic, Japanese to analyze particles in linguistics research, and Spanish to comprehend signs in supermarkets. Xin also likes to play the piano, draw, and just sit under the California sun doing absolutely nothing. Occasionally, she also cuts hair for her friends—a skill that emerged from an unfortunate haircut at a local barbershop. In the future, Xin would love to combine medicine and language in as many innovative ways as possible. She considers language to be a powerful tool that can truly affect the world. In 2011, Xin was a finalist in the Rosetta Stone Communicate and Connect Scholarship contest (http://bit.ly/r9M7bv). She’ll be blogging for Language Journeys about her experiences learning more languages.