Be an “Intrapreneur” Within Your Company

Learning a foreign language can positively impact decision-makingMost professionals dream of one day becoming a CEO or running their own business. While many eventually put themselves in that position sometime during their career, far more feel stuck on career tracks that won’t lead to that promised land.

But what about investing in yourself, treating yourself as your own business and making yourself more “profitable” within your current company? In essence, become an “intrapreneur” or the “CEO of Me”? One of the best ways to accomplish this is through language learning, because of all the tangential benefits that come along with studying a new language, like:

Empathy. Studying a language requires putting yourself in the shoes of a native speaker. Also, if you ever practice the language with a native speaker, you naturally have to think about their perspective in the conversation. This only helps develop personality-wide empathy.

Mental agility. The same sort of mental gymnastics that develop empathy while studying a language also help the brain become more agile. Studies have shown that language learning even helps stave off dementia and other age-related brain diseases. This process starts as soon as you begin a language program.

Openness to new opportunities. With language skills come greater opportunities in both business and travel. Studying a language basically signals to the world that you’re ready for new adventures, especially in the professional realm.

Self-reflection. As you study a language, you naturally assess your progress, as well as your overall goals for your pursuit. Instead of detaching yourself from the goings-on in your life, you become an active participant.

Improved decisiveness. Whether running a company or just their individual careers, CEOs always have to be decisive. Important decisions are presented on a regular basis. Learning and using a foreign language also presents a constant stream of decisions that need to be made, starting with what word to use in various situations. This experience only helps the brain become more decisive in other settings.

It’s time for you to steer the ship of business, even if it’s just trying to sell your best product – yourself. Language learning represents one of the greatest investments you can make toward your success.

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