Better than Learning German from Your Husband

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The author plans to visit Austria soon, with the benefit of German language skills.

My husband and I visit Austria every year to see his parents. Initially, my husband tried to teach me German and as you married folks might imagine, it didn’t go very well. I have been reading reviews on Rosetta Stone for some time now and although I was conviced it was good, I had difficulty convincing my husband to let me spend the money on the program. He was not happy about the price and finally let me buy it proclaiming, “This better not be a total waste!” Two months later my husband admits this program is not a waste at all. He is even bragging to the guys at work who have been learning German for the last year that I already know more than them. I can say simple phrases and I understand much of everything he says in German now. I think I will be speaking pretty well in another month, which is exciting because I leave to Austria in three weeks.


Westlake Village, California

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