Big Changes to Rosetta Stone TOTALe!

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Rosetta Stone

The home screen in Rosetta Stone

The Rosetta Stone TOTALe online environment is getting a major update! The home screen and Rosetta World have a new look, and we’ve added features that will help learners like you get the most out of your online experience.

You’ll notice new icons, animations, and transitions on the redesigned TOTALe home screen, plus beautiful custom artwork from around the world for many of our languages. And TOTALe has gotten more adaptive with the introduction of suggested activities. By evaluating your progress, we’re now better able to guide you through Rosetta Course, Rosetta Studio, and Rosetta World activities.

Many of the most visible improvements are in Rosetta World, our social language-learning community. We’ve reorganized Rosetta World into three sections—Play, Talk, and Explore—to make it easier for you to navigate to your favorite activities and to find partners to play Duo and Simbio games. Here’s a quick overview of how Rosetta World has changed:

  • Play includes games that are competitive and don’t require you to talk with another learner.
  • Activities in Talk help you practice speaking or typing with a partner.
  • Explore showcases our interactive stories.
Rosetta Stone

The Explore section in Rosetta World, our online language-learning community

In addition to the new look and feel, we’ve improved the Rosetta World chat features to enable you to find game partners more easily. We’ve created a public chat room to promote more interaction between learners of each language. And you can now manage your own connections more easily—and directly invite other learners to play games.

You’ll see some of our biggest changes in Explore. “Locked stories” are a thing of the past! Now, no matter how far you’ve progressed in Rosetta Course, you can easily explore more challenging stories to get a sense of what’s to come in your language learning. We’ve also added a Suggested Stories feature to let you know which stories we think you’re ready for. And perhaps most exciting of all, you can now read and listen to your favorite stories, or record yourself reading them aloud. You’ll receive feedback on your rhythm and accuracy—and get an overall rating! Stay tuned for an RVoice post about the new stories features!

We’re very excited about the changes coming to the TOTALe product tomorrow, and we hope you are, too. To help you learn more, we’ve added a newsfeed on the home screen to announce Game Nights and Online Socials. These online events provide a great introduction to new TOTALe features and opportunities to interact with other learners.

Take a tour of the updated product, and let us know what you think!

Rosetta Stone

The Play section in Rosetta World, our online language-learning community

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