Bringing HR and Lines of Business Together: Cynthia and Jack Complete the Survey and Talent Map

SHRM, SHRM2015, Global Business, HR, communication skillsThis is the fourth in a series focusing on two personas in a company, the head of HR and the Global Managing Director, using the Rosetta Stone Driving Global Readiness Toolkit to improve the language skill set of the company’s employees and helping to fulfill the strategic goals of both departments.

Jack and Cynthia first look at the Global Readiness Talent Survey. It asks respondents to rate their current language skills and cultural knowledge, which languages would be of most use to them in their work responsibilities, and what their lack of language skills in the target language has meant for their job performance. It’s a great start to really get a pulse on the language skills of the company as a whole.

Surveys used to be difficult to accomplish in organizations of this size and scope, but Cynthia quickly enters the questions and possible answers into an online survey site (there are plenty of free solutions, or for a small fee you can have access to more in-depth reporting). Jack and Cynthia guess that responses would be more expedient if the request came from Jim, so he sends out an email with the link to the survey.

It takes a few days, but over 80 percent of the company responds. Jack and Cynthia figure the outliers are people who don’t envision themselves working overseas or with foreign nationals. They make a note to educate the workforce that everyone in every position has the potential to need language skills in the future.

The partners then easily plug the results of the survey into the Global Readiness Talent Map. The purpose of the map is to align the company’s growth goals for today, a year, three, and five years away with the current status of language skills in the company. Jack provides the growth goals. Cynthia lines up the survey data. From there, not only is it easy to see where the company stands, but also where to direct their resources to get maximum impact.

Next time: Cynthia and Jack’s Survey and Map Results

Cynthia and Jack are working with our new Driving Global Readiness Toolkit, which has all the tools you need to assess your organization’s language learning needs and plan for addressing those needs.

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