Bringing HR and Lines of Business Together: Cynthia and Jack Discuss Their Vision for the Company

SHRM, SHRM2015, Global Business, HR, communication skillsThis is the third in a series focusing on two personas in a company, the head of HR and the Global Managing Director, using the Rosetta Stone Driving Global Readiness Toolkit to improve the language skill set of the company’s employees and helping to fulfill the strategic goals of both departments.

When Jack first brings up his view on the company’s language learning needs to Cynthia, he’s surprised to find out that she’s already been thinking about the same thing.

“I’ve seen how you’ve expanded the business internationally over the years and wondered if we had the right people for those jobs. Then I’ve seen the new hires you’ve brought on recently. Do we really not have the right people for our overseas operations?” she asks.

“Our people are great when it comes to business acumen and they have really bought into our company culture, but they always fall short in language skills. The plan is to expand to another two or three countries in the next few years. I’ll have to hire out for those positions, too.”

They both don’t understand why the company hasn’t offered a comprehensive language learning program sooner, before this expansion.

“If language training was available to everyone who needed it, I wouldn’t worry about staffing this new expansion plan. We seem to be willing to spend the money to make these branches happen, but we’ll spend more money if we have to keep hiring out,” Jack said.

The economy is improving, in some places rapidly. Jack’s problems are being felt in organizations around the country. People that can work effectively overseas and communicate effectively are in high demand, which means they are expensive. Jack and Cynthia both understand that the most cost-effective solution is to grow this talent—and their language skills—in-house.

What they need is a plan. Thankfully Cynthia just came across the new Driving Global Readiness toolkit from Rosetta Stone. The idea is a systematic approach to improving an organization’s language skills by:

  • Surveying employees on their current language skills using a Global Readiness Talent Survey
  • Assessing how those existing skills align with the goals of the business with the Global Readiness Talent Map
  • Formulating an employee development plan that will get the staff where they need to be with the Focused Employee Development Plan

Next time: Cynthia and Jack Complete the Survey and Talent Map

Cynthia and Jack will be working with our new Driving Global Readiness Toolkit, which has all the tools you need to assess your organization’s language learning needs and plan for addressing those needs.

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