Building English Language for Adult Learners

Adult ESL mom learning at home with a tabletFor some adult learners, an in-person ESL class is simply not possible. Many potential students work multiple jobs, care for children, or attend classes at night in other fields. That’s why technology-based distance learning can be a boon for your adult ESL plan.

Today’s language-learning technology, pioneered by Rosetta Stone, goes much further than vocabulary acquisition. Students can practice pronunciation, develop cultural awareness, and build confidence in their English skills.

Sweetwater Union High School District in Chula Vista, CA experienced these benefits first hand. They share their story in our success story, Building English Language for Adult Learners.

In it, Sweetwater details how they:

  • Increased ESL distance learning enrollment by 60%
  • Improved adult learner CASAS scores
  • Allowed learners to build language skills on their own

Increased enrollment by 60%

Technology-based distance learning offers another option to busy adult learners, one that is highly desired. Today’s adult learners want flexibility, engagement, and improvement that is easy to see. Technology provides all of those benefits, leading to increased interest in your adult ESL program.

Improved adult learner CASAS scores

Adult learners want to see their progress in a concrete way. CASAS provides the assessment while the Rosetta Stone® program provides the progress. If students can see their growth, they are more likely to stay engaged with the curriculum.

Learners build their own language skills

Language learning is much more than just rote memorization of vocabulary. Without practice in speaking and phonetics, the benefits adult learners strive for will be out of reach. Innovative practice environments and engaging exercises within the Rosetta Stone program help adults develop the skills needed to reach their goals.

These are all possible in your adult ESL program as well. Check out how Sweetwater Union did it, then think about how easy it would be to bring the same success to your organization.

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