The Language of Beauty

There is nothing like going back to review units in your Rosetta Stone language software. After having been buried in work for the last several months with little time for…

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“Excuse me?” This is something I’ve said often throughout my life. “What did you say?” “Come again?” “Huh?” “Say it again? I didn’t hear you.” I was so accustomed to…

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car headlights

A Strange Conversation in Switzerland with an Ecuadorian Bartender

Why is it that when we’re on vacation adventure knocks at the door? I was thinking about the last few months here in Lausanne and the fact that I didn’t…

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Finding a Hobby: Foreign Language Learning

Remember how it seemed that, coming up through school, everybody found a hobby-turned-passion? There was the girl who played the violin so well Stradivarius himself would’ve been proud. Another discovered…

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