Learning with Rosetta Stone | Why it's better than classes

I’m the only one in my family withought the ability to speak perfect German. For fun, I took German in college and planned a trip to Germany in the winter…

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What Does It Take?

When I read the comments to my post about an encounter I had in a California church, I was surprised by how many people asked, “What does it take to…

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Putting My Skills to the Test in Oaxaca

Not long after the sun had set one Friday evening in late May, Leslie and I stumbled wearily out of the Oaxaca international airport and headed toward the taxi stand…

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Rosetta Stone for All the Family

There’s always something you forget to pack. For some people, it’s their toothbrush; for others, it’s their socks. Some people seem to pack everything except the kitchen sink, and I…

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Rosetta Stone: Helping Me Feel at Home in Taiwan

One of the great advantages of my family’s relocation to Taiwan is that we now have relatively easy access to some fantastic Asian vacation destinations. In the course of nine…

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