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3 Solutions That are Right for Your Language Classroom

You can’t build a strong language-learning program in your school or district without a strong foundation of state-of-the-art technology and proven lessons that get results. Fittingly, that’s why we called…

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Overcoming Challenges in the Language Classroom

As educators consider what steps they can take to improve the prospects of their students, one aspect that deserves serious consideration is online language learning. Rosetta Stone Senior Marketing Manager,…

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Interactive Video: EdTech Solutions for Your Language Classroom

We are excited to share with you this interactive video that helps educators learn more about how the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12 can help you support student success. The…

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The Advantages of Blended Instruction in the World Language Classroom

Recently, Rosetta Stone Education and edWeb.net presented “The Classroom Advantage: Exploring the Advantages of Blended Instruction in the World Language Classroom”, a webinar hosted by Deb Cody, the World Language…

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Cultural Differences Run Deeper than the Country of Origin

From the outside in, understanding cultural differences often only goes as deep as the country in question. Because we have some generalities about Germans or the Japanese, we expect everyone…

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Rosetta Stone Earns University of California A-G Approval

We’re happy to announce that the Rosetta Stone Spanish I and II offerings have received A-G approval from the University of California. What this means is that California’s high school students…

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