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A Language Solution for Every Learner

Education remains a journey. Students still learn the fundamentals before advancing to more challenging material. That classroom tradition continues in today’s online learning environment. Discover how integrating technology with language…

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How Paid Sick Leave Laws Could Affect Your Business

Recent years have seen much attention given to the issue of paid sick leave in businesses. Several cities and states have implemented government-enforced regulations requiring companies to provide a certain…

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Job Hopping Is On The Rise: What Does This Mean For Your Company?

Employee loyalty is a quality all managers seek in their staff. While the old paradigm of starting at a company and working your way up the ranks over a static…

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Tech Mitigates High-Risk in Foreign-Language Learning

A common misconception about schools with low-scoring, under-resourced populations is that “the only way to fix these schools is by bringing in new teachers and leaders.” But test scores don’t…

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How To Rethink Incentives And Performance Reviews For Greater Success

In the ongoing quest to maximize workplace productivity, managers have conventionally explored with a handful of tried and true tactics to connect with their employees. Many employers offer incentives, usually…

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Why You Should Care About Employee Skill Development, And How You Can Encourage It

One thing every employer wants is a workforce of employees who are skilled, smart, and knowledgeable. Far from simply the province of HR professionals conducting on-boarding, skill development is a…

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Keep Employees Engaged To Maximize Performance

Engagement is an important goal that managers and HR professionals should shoot for on both sides of the customer service counter. More than just a way to attract and retain clients and customers, engagement…

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Globalization Leads To Changes In How HR Operates Effectively

The rapid globalization and expansion across international borders that has seen recent growth has had a noticeable impact on the way many companies handle their training, management and other personnel…

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