Celebrate Foreign Language Week: Coaches Share Travel Tips and More!

With the first week of March underway, we here at Rosetta Stone are excited to celebrate the new month and Foreign Language Week!

Foreign Language Week was started in 1957 by national foreign language honor society, Alpha Mu Gamma. In 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower endorsed the celebration via telegram and Presidents since then have added their support of this week. Alpha Mu Gamma now has chapters all across the United States and organizes activities during this week to help students become more aware of the necessity and advantages of learning a foreign language. Other organizations have gotten in the spirit and like Alpha Mu Gamma, have celebrated the week with activities such as foreign language film screenings, foreign music and theater festivals, and foreign language themed lectures. Each Foreign Language Week has a theme and this year’s theme focuses on brain fitness: “Foreign Languages: They Nourish the Brain!”

Rosetta Stone is celebrating this week by hosting a special Google+ Hangout today, Wednesday, March 6th at 9 PM EST. Click here to RSVP to this special event: http://bit.ly/VurOfZ.

Google+ Hangouts are interactive online group video chats. Fans can watch our Hangouts to learn more about Rosetta Stone as well as our products, program and news updates. This platform is a great place to explore a variety of language learning topics and interact with the Rosetta Stone online community.

Google+ Hangout Host Michael for Foreign Language Week Hangout

Tonight’s Hangout will focus on Travel. Tune in to learn more about Rosetta Studio sessions, travel stories, travel photography, languages, and living abroad! Our Hangout will feature several Rosetta Stone Studio Coaches as well as a few Rosetta Stone learners. Our learners have prepared questions for our coaches on this topic and we will also be including questions that users and fans have submitted.

Here are some of the questions we will be asking:

  • What did you used to eat for breakfast growing as a child in the country you grew up in?
  • What is the one thing that most reminds of your home?
  • What’s the most iconic landmark in your native country?
  • What are important travel tips to help prepare me for a visit to your country?
  • What’s one thing that you always bring with you when you travel?
  • What was the first foreign country that you ever visited?
  • What are some good stereotypes about your native country?
  • What do you think the biggest challenge is to learning another language?
  • What is the best way to explore the country where you are from?

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please feel free to submit them in the comment section of the Hangout. We will provide the link to the live Hangout once we begin broadcasting. You will be able to click on the link to this event and starting viewing the Hangout as well as submit your own questions and comments for our studio coaches. Be sure to comment with your questions, as we will potentially use them during our live Hangout!

After our live Hangout we will provide a link here to the recorded video. Be sure to watch the whole Hangout so you take advantage of the special surprise we will be sharing with our viewers. We hope to see you there!


Check out our latest Google Hangout celebrating Foreign Language Week:

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