Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Rosetta Stone: Twitter Challenge, Irish Demo, Facebook App!

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig, language enthusiasts! If you aren’t sure what that means, we happen to know a great way you can find out by day’s end on March 17. We’re planning a trio of activities for St. Patrick’s Day that will definitely get you into the luck-o’-the-Irish spirit and pique your interest in the language of Éire!

Rosetta Stone St. Patrick’s Day Twitter Challenge

On Twitter, we’re celebrating St. Paddy through our St. Patrick’s Day Twitter Trivia Challenge. Enter the challenge to test your knowledge of St. Patrick’s Day, and, if you’re a winner, you’ll score a few goodies along the way! boyinhat

To participate, sign up or go to your personal Twitter account and then navigate to Rosetta Stone on Twitter. Remember to read the official terms for more details. To observe the challenge, you can visit us on Twitter or search for the hashtag #RStrivia on Twitter.com.

Online Rosetta Stone Irish Demo

Explore the Irish language—and perhaps even learn a few words—through our online demo of Rosetta Stone Irish. The free demo is available to any who want to take a peek inside our Irish products!

Rosetta Stone St. Patrick’s Day Facebook App

Need a way to alert others on Facebook to your love of all things Irish? Using our Rosetta Stone St. Patrick’s Day Facebook App you can do just that! Send your friends an Irish greeting and gift they’ll treasure on their Facebook walls. There’s also a catchy tune to provide theme music for your Irish app adventure.

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We hope you enjoy this St. Patrick’s Day with Rosetta Stone, and we look forward to even more celebrations in the future!

***Update: The Twitter Trivia Challenge is now over. Ten winners have been chosen and contacted. Thanks to all for participating and stay tuned for the next celebration on Twitter. Click for a complete list of questions and winners of the Challenge.***

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  • Anonymous

    I realize this is off-topic but there was not E-mail address, so I’m posting it here. Rosetta Stone’s idea of direct association between language and object is absolutely amazing. The truth is, your method is a more efficient way to learn. Using English as a proxy to an abstraction impedes reasoning in a foreign language.

    This is why your business can expect some professors to criticize it. You are their competitor and you offer a valuable service! Of course many don’t like it. (They don’t like Wikipedia and it has a better track record than they do.) Just remember, when the academic employees attack your excellent service, this may be your greatest sign of success. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  • Anne Tennis

    On the radio last week I heard that
    rosetta stone was giving a CD to listeners. I would like to have a copy to see what is on the CD.

    Would you please send me a copy? Notify me by email and I will answer.


    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Anne, you can call us at (877) 434-8913 to get a free demo CD. What language are you thinking about learning? If you respond here on our blog, we can give you a link to get started on the language of your choice sooner. We also have free demos available instantly for a few languages here: http://www.rosettastone.com/personal/how-it-works/test-drive?cid=sm-bl. Let us know what you think!

  • http://Rosettastone.com Frank Duhimbaze

    how can i learn French on line

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