5 Celebrities Who Speak French

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It’s always fun, and maybe even a little inspiring, to learn who else speaks your target language. It’s that je ne sais quoi that makes these people just that much more interesting, and by extension, makes you pretty interesting too, right?

Bradley Cooper has an impressive command on la langue française, which he perfected in his studies as an exchange student in Provence.


Canadian Sandra Oh attended school in Montreal and, during her ten seasons on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy, showed off her French skills from time to time.


Although Juliette Binoche is a Frenchwoman, you wouldn’t know it for her excellent American-English accent in movies such as Chocolat and Dan in Real Life.


Hugh Laurie, aka House, takes a stab at speaking French while presenting at the Emmys. Pas mal du tout, M. Laurie!


Last but not least, the ever-lovely Gwyneth Paltrow. Here, she’s speaking about her role in Iron Man 3.


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