China Through Children’s Eyes and Voices

I recently had a unique opportunity to travel to China with fourth and sixth grade students from the elementary school in which I teach. The students were learning Chinese Mandarin with Rosetta Stone TOTALe.

I knew they were better prepared for the trip language-wise than I was, but it was amazing to see just how much they could actually communicate in Chinese with the people they met there. And how much they understood the road signs, menus, and even the occasional overheard conversation.

The connections these students made with the Chinese people they met will serve them well throughout their lifetime. These students were able to not only experience another culture but immerse themselves by speaking the language.  Their trip was so much more than just what they saw – it was who they spoke with, how they communicated and with whom they connected.  Imagine what the world would be if students were able to learn a new language well enough to converse with other students in their native language!  We truly are a global community and the students’ ability to connect with other children in their native language was a priceless opportunity all students should have!


Teacher, Fairfax, Virginia

visiting china

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