Creating Fun and Opportunity as You Learn

As a Customer Success associate for Rosetta Stone, I have the good fortune of working one-on-one daily with Rosetta Stone learners to help them achieve whatever personal goals they’ve set for themselves. How this happens varies from person to person, so my role is very dynamic. Because we’re given tremendous creative license, my Customer Success colleagues and I can make learning not only rewarding, but also challenging and fun for learners. Having the ability to offer learning opportunities outside of just using the product for many of our learners is quite rewarding to me. I can actually hear smiles in their voices when they’ve reached a milestone as a result of their own effort and our involvement in their learning.

We have created Buddy Challenges where we pair learners to work together as a team for a certain amount of time and challenge each other to progress further in the language they are learning.  We have held a Language-Learning Olympics, trivia challenges, and regularly send out Success Plans and customized progress calendars in the language being studied by the learner.  At times, we randomly will reward our learners with fun, customized Rosetta Stone gifts. You just never know when Success will pop up in your language-learning journey!

As you can see, Rosetta Stone’s approach to customer success is unique in the industry. First and foremost, we value our relationship with our learners. Our Customer Success team is empowered on an individual level to contact, support, and encourage each learner based on our understanding of their needs. And this is what makes our approach so innovative.

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