Creating New Neuro-Pathways

rudyI suffered a traumatic brain injury in May 2006. I’ve been limited in physical and cognitive activities after my injury and have suffered cognitive challenges. After discussions with my doctors and therapist, they recommended that learning a new language would help stimulate my brain. According to them, learning a new language increases brain function and creates new neuro-pathways. I chose to learn Portuguese, a common language in Brazil. I’m interested in the Brazilian culture and the beauty of the people. My goal is to speak the language to better understand the culture and develop new relationships.

What surprised me about learning the new language through Rosetta Stone was that even after my brain injury, it was very easy for me to learn the information presented in the lessons because of the simple straight-forward way it was presented and the various techniques provided. The Rosetta Stone techniques are very motivating and helped me to build my self-confidence in speaking a new language. For example, the visual aids were extremely helpful on a cognitive level. The lessons stimulated and challenged my mind without taxing it, in other words it was stress and anxiety free. Taking the course I developed new neuro-pathways and stimulated my brain, which has helped me in my recovery. I feel very confident that I will be able to speak and understand the Portuguese language which will be very helpful in my travels and experiences to Brazil.

Rudy M
Huntington Beach, CA

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