Dancing Pandas and Singing Linguists

We have a special treat for you today. Within the last few weeks, my coworkers and I have been busy working on our Rosetta Stone Latino Facebook Page. Gerard Muskus, our US Hispanic marketing lead, even went to Barcelona to supervise the filming of our newest TV spot. Here are a few behind-the-scenes snapshots from his trip.

Panda mascot rosetta stoneAround the office, we’ve all been singing during our spare moments, “No te quedes ahí, quieto así, looking like a Christmas tree.” At any given moment, there may be a cubicle dance party happening here at our Arlington, Virginia, corporate headquarters.

Why, you ask?

Well, this TV commercial is special. It’s geared toward Spanish speakers in the United States who are looking to improve their English and their lives. Like our general-market TV commercial, this one features a song. A very catchy song.

The commercial will debut on Monday. Still, I’ve been thinking, this song is just too fun to keep to ourselves all weekend. There’s no better way to celebrate the upcoming launch of the TV commercial than by sharing the track with our fans.

So here’s a special sneak peek of the song.

**Warning: this may get stuck in your head.** Click here to listen. 

choreography dance

UPDATE: The commercial is now available. Please share it!

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