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Did you know there’s a whole team behind you that’s focused solely on your language-learning success? Over the last year, those of us on the Customer Success team have worked hard to make it easy for you to get to know Rosetta Stone. Our goal is to ensure your language-learning experience is not only effective, but safe and fun!

I invite you to visit Discover Success, our new tab on the Rosetta Stone Facebook page. There, you’ll learn more about how we work every day to help you achieve your language-learning goals. You’ll meet my colleagues on the Customer Success team:

1.       Studio Coaches who are native speakers. We know what you’ve learned in Rosetta Course, and we help you practice and move toward conversational proficiency after each unit.

2.       Customer Success agents. We celebrate your progress and keep you motivated so you stay on track to meet your goals in language-learning.

3.       Service and Support agents. We help resolve technical issues and provide solutions to help ensure an enjoyable experience.

4.       Online community moderators. We provide a safe and fun learning environment.

Guess what? A lot of us here at Rosetta Stone are working on learning a new language too, so, trust me, we know what it’s like to be in your shoes. I’m learning French, and I have to say I was extremely nervous about my first Rosetta Studio session. But after meeting some of the Studio Coaches and practicing my new language in the Rosetta World community, I was excited and have loved every Rosetta Stone experience since. I believe you will too, and that’s why we’re here—to help make your language-learning journey fun and successful.

In fact, our entire department focuses on you, and we try to make it easy and convenient to find us—via Facebook, Twitter, online FAQs and video tutorials, chat, phone, and e-mail. We’re always looking to enhance our services or introduce new ways to build better relationships to support your success.

This month under Discover Success, our team members will tell about some learners’ success stories, and you’ll find a special note from me, the senior vice president of Customer Success. In the spotlight, you’ll meet Emilie, a Tagalog coach, who shares why she loves language learning. Find us in action all the time through photos of team members who speak with our learners every day!

We’ve just introduced regular webcasts to give you and other learners a chance to hear from us directly. More importantly, these are opportunities for you to ask questions and share your own experiences. We love hearing from you. What keeps you going through your language learning? Why do you want to learn a new language? What can we do to help? Submit your feedback online through our Support tab or directly on our wall. We’ll listen!

Keep coming back. We like engaging with you, helping you understand what we’re about, and sharing why we love what we do! We’ll be changing the Discover Success content monthly, so keep visiting to check out our new videos, pics, and stories.

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  • http://RosettaStone Tyreshia

    I Just Tryed RosettaStone And Guess What I Loved It ,It’s NiceTo Translate Words To People Out Of The States Here Im Going To Translate Something To You Hibachi Means Come And Eat If Im Not Mistakeing

    • Rosetta Stone

      Glad you like the product, Tyreshia! We actually don’t use any “translation,” and you’ll see that you only see your new language as you work through the program. Thanks for your comment!

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