Disney Partners with Rosetta Stone

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Disney Interactive.Cartoon, girl, cat, computer

2013 has been an exciting year for Rosetta Stone, including the introduction of our Kids apps.*  Now we are joining forces with Disney to promote multicultural awareness and language learning to young children through the new Disney Interactive series It’s a Small World: The Animated Series.

Disney designed its new online series to heighten kids’ knowledge of places and cultures around the world, while giving them an early edge in foreign-language skills. Young learners are introduced to a new word in Spanish in each episode, through a special language-learning segment dubbed “Words with Wazoh.” And they find out why language is so important in our world in a special episode about the actual Egyptian Rosetta Stone tablet.


*Available for free download in the App Store: Rosetta Stone Kids® Lingo Word Builder and Rosetta Stone Kids® Lingo Letter Sounds.

For more information about Rosetta Stone’s language learning options and special holiday offers, visit us here.

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