“Finding Love in Gaeilge” Takes Runner-Up Prize in Rosetta Stone Language-Stories Contest

Jennie Slade from Plymouth, Michigan, entered our “More than Words. Stories.” Contest in hopes of being able to realize her dream of marrying her fiancé, a fellow Ireland-phile, in the country of their dreams. We’re excited to announce that Jennie is the runner-up of the contest, which ran from July to October 2011. Entrants were asked to submit their language-learning tales in text or video format through Rosetta Stone’s Facebook page. As the runner-up, Jennie is awarded $5,000 that can be used to cross the pond to connect with her heritage and her passion.

Read Jennie’s story below, and click here to watch the grand-prize winner’s video submission in our “More than Words. Stories.” Contest.

castle in Ireland

Chris Hill, Getty Images

Dia duit!

My name is Jennie, and I am 31 years old. My family is part Irish and it has always been a big part of who I am. I had always dreamed of the day I could visit Ireland. That dream became a reality in 2009. Since then my love for Ireland had grown substantially. I began to strongly contemplate learning how to speak Gaeilge. My only hangup was wondering who I could speak it with. It isn’t a common language here in the States.

One day I was looking through profiles on the internet and one caught my eye, it was a man who loved his Irish heritage seemingly as much as I did. But what really caught my attention, was that he spoke fluent Gaeilge and not only that, but had taught it to himself. I became friends with him and decided that I would invest in Rosetta Stone now that I had someone to speak it with.

It was not long after knowing each other when we realized we fell in love. We have our love for Ireland, our love for family, our love for the culture, and now our love for each other. For once in our lives we truly believe in soul mates. We have the same hopes, dreams, and passion in life. The one common dream that we had that we thought we would never find in a significant other was our desire to live in Ireland, specifically a Gaeilge speaking area such as Connemara. Our dream is to one day have children and have Gaeilge be our first language.

Had I never had the urge to learn Gaeilge, had I never contemplated buying Rosetta Stone, I would never have found my one true love.

If we were to win this contest it would mean that we could have our dream wedding in Ireland. We dream to get married on the Blasket Islands, outdoors, with our family and close friends. We want to begin our lives together in the land that we love so much.

Thank you for taking the time to read my submission.

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