[Free Calendar] Get Ready for Summer and Avoid the Brain Drain!

End of school year, summer countdown, summerYou might have noticed that summer is quickly approaching. The research highlighting the effects of summer learning loss goes back over 100 years. Its effects are particularly harsh on low-income students and language learners. Here are some easy ways for teachers to help combat the summer brain drain.

  • (1) Don’t let them veg: Put together a list of free or cheap summer activities, both online and off, in which students can participate.
  • (2) Online summer camps: Summer camps that are held online usually have themes, like coding or the maker movement. They also tend to be free (except for the materials some projects might require).
  • (3) Summer book club: Reading lists are great, but they can be enhanced by setting up some social media channels in which students can talk with each other about what they are reading.
  • (4) Don’t be nervous about sending books home: Have some books that are going out of adoption? Send the previous versions home so students can stay sharp.
  • (5) Bring the language learning home: Many ELL students have family members who speak little to no English. Encourage your students to help those relatives learn over the summer.
  • (6) Spend time away from family: Encourage the students to spend time away from non-English speaking family and friends over the summer, even if it’s just the mall or the grocery store.
  • (7) A summer job: A summer job is a great way for older ELL students to keep their speaking and listening skills sharp. They will also like the extra spending cash.
  • (8) Volunteering: Younger ELL students can get the same effect by volunteering. Some ideas include animal shelters and retirement homes.
  • (9) Construct a virtual field trip: With today’s technology, students can virtually visit landmarks, museums, and natural wonders without leaving home. Give them the links before they leave and watch them roam.
  • (10) Stay connected: There’s nothing wrong with staying in contact with students using established social media channels. Keep the class Facebook page or Instagram feed running!

Want to know exactly how long it is until summer break? Download this free Summer Countdown Calendar!

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