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Navajo childrenWe are excited to announce the release of our sixth Rosetta Stone Endangered Language Program product — the Navajo-language version of Rosetta Stone software for use by Navajo in language revitalization. The product includes custom Navajo content, made possible by the contributions of more than one hundred Navajo, who provided language expertise, photos, audio recordings and logistical and cultural support.

We invite you to visit here for a free online demo of the software. Stay tuned for a behind the scenes blog post on the process of making this product a reality!

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  • Lucy Whiteman Runs Hims

    Shodache’ Balashe’ Baachuuiigaalaakoosh huuk! Bii Apsaalooke’! Kahey! my name is Lucy Whiteman Runs Him! I am Apsaalooke (children of the Large Beaked Bird, a Raven, known as the Crow Indian of Southeastern Montana, the other black bird) My parents are both educators and my father worked as a writer for the Bi-Lingual program, back in the 1970’s 100 percent of our people spoke the language, so our programs were built to get our people to speak english and in 2010 it is a success ! 100 percent of our people speak English. Out of 11,000 tribal members there is only 1% Apsaalooke speakers in our school systems, with a community of over 50 year old who spoke Apsaalooke as their first and primary language. It is colonization at its finest or should I say Federal Government Policy of Assimilation “kill the Indian Save the Man” of the 1800’s succeeding in 2010! Itchiik, this is good you are doing this! We the Apsaalooke are Indigenous Peoples who have an endangered language! Please Help!

  • KBileen

    How can we purchase this?

    • rvoiceadmin

      Hi, KBileen. You can learn more about how to purchase the new Navajo language product by contacting the Navajo Language Renaissance. They can be reached by email at or by phone at (928) 634-1396. Thanks for your comment, and let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Danny John

    I am standing by to the results of this project. I will support your affords to save our language.

  • Bobbi Brown

    I just tried the demo product and it’s a great program! I am very excited for the future for the my tribe and my generation so we can save the language. It’s very hard to learn a language when you live in a urban setting, thank you Navajo Language Renaissance.

  • Adriana Carr

    Are there any plans to develop learning programs for Yiddish or the Brogue that is spoken off the islands between the Carolinas?

  • adella garduno

    I would like to learn navajo for reasons that i am part navajo. my brothers learn the lang. and I would like to learn it and teach my children to read and speak the lang. It’s beauiful lang. and I would like to buy the book’s. I am so happy that rosetta stone is willing to teach the lang. Please let me know where and I will buy it. Thank You adella garduno.

    • rvoiceadmin

      Hi, Adella. That’s great! If you are interested in purchasing the new Navajo language product, you can contact the Navajo Language Renaissance directly at The Endangered Language Program works with sponsors to produce an endangered language. Sponsors retain ownership of the language materials developed during the project, and they gain exclusive sales and distribution rights over their finished edition.

  • Katherine

    This is wonderful! My husband is Navajo and speaks the language fluently. We are raising our children (currently ages 4 and 19 months) to be bilingual and I have been wanting to find a program that would help me to better understand and communicate with my children in Navajo.
    I am very excited about this! Thank you!

  • Terry

    When can we expect a Lakota version? All Native languages are dieing off faster than they are being learned . Please stop the genocide of our native languages.

    • rvoiceadmin

      Hi, Terry. Our Endangered Language Program would need a sponsoring group to produce Lakota. Groups sponsoring an Endangered Language Program project translate, adapt, and customize their edition of the software in conjunction with Rosetta Stone experts to make it culturally and linguistically relevant to their community. Sponsors retain ownership of the language materials developed during the project, and they gain exclusive sales and distribution rights over their finished edition. To learn more, contact us at

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  • Tracey Rafael

    hi, im Navajo- Naki Dine is part of my clan and Im 19 I would really love to learn more about this and if navajo speakers teach you the laguage on the CD’s before I purchase it?, because some have a difference in the way people speak it. I really would love to have a conversation with my mom in full speaking navajo and the same with my other family members and understand my grandparents around me

    • Rosetta Stone

      The product is really unique custom software and includes native Navajo speakers, along with images that are specially tailored to Navajo society. You can learn more and purchase this software through Navajo Language Renaissance:

  • Zeal An

    How many languages are you planning to put out?

  • Tyler S. Goodman

    Wow, you guys actually followed through, BUT the browser failed on me, downloaded the files, updated, then just get stuck on lesson 1 buttons with no activities… -_-

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Tyler, give us a call at 1-800-280-8172. We’d love to work through this problem with you.

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  • Mark G

    I have had this about two weeks. I am taking it really slow, taking lots of notes and doing frequent reviews, and I am almost done with Level 1. I sure wish there was another speaker near San Antonio, as that would make it so much easier. Great product!

    Any plans/schedule for deployment of further levels?

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Mark, we’re glad you’re enjoying the Navajo products. We have no current plans to release a Level 3, but we have more Endangered Language Projects happening all the time, so stay tuned!

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  • Mthiefault

    I am looking forward to get this Rosetta Stone software for my kids, although I am native but I’m sure there are more to learn. My daughter learned the French and Spanish language while attending school. She was excited when the school she attended utilized the Rosetta Stone software. I’m amazed, so there is a Navajo Language on Rosetta Stone software. I am going to tune in.

    • Rosetta Stone

      Hi Mthiefault, we have made a Navajo package. You would purchase it through the community site, since they maintain the rights: Thanks for touching base! We’re glad your daughter enjoyed learning with us!

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