Fun, Fun, Fun, Here I Come!

allison e photo1 e1396972673403I really look forward to sitting down with my Rosetta Stone lessons because I think they’re so much fun. It’s my kind of learning. The people who developed it, I’m convinced, were thinking of students like me who like to be challenged and surprised in new ways. No memorization or rote learning is required. My experience is that if I pay attention and focus, I’ll learn. If I need to go back and review, I do. Studying using the Rosetta Stone method is full of “aha!” moments, and that’s wonderfully satisfying. It’s a very different experience than I had in prep school. Back in the day, it was all about sitting in perfect, alphabetically ordered rows while we tried to jam words and phrases off bland white pages into our seemingly resistant brains. Back then, it was a study-study-study and drill-drill-drill way of learning. Result: lots of tension and no fun.

I think learning should be enjoyable, maybe even pleasurable. It has to be outside the traditional learning “box.” We should experience delight when learning new things. As a young woman, I wasn’t delighted in French class. I was bored. It didn’t make sense to earn A’s and B’s in class and still be unable to survive on my language skills in Paris. Yeah, my school took us on a summer trip to Paris when I was 17. I was disappointed to learn that not many French people could understand what I had to say beyond “oui,” “non,” and “excusez-moi?” I couldn’t even order a sandwich without doing a small pantomime. That’s a problem. At the end of the day, I really didn’t want to take French anyway. Our offerings were sparse: French or Spanish. I couldn’t get excited about either one.

It is oh-so-many years later and I’m now passionately in love with the most beautiful language on Earth: Italian. Don’t try to argue with me or plead your case because I won’t listen. To me, Italian is the most beautiful, musical language to come out of the lips of man. I’m so glad, really just thrilled, that Rosetta Stone has made learning it the delightful pleasure it should be.

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  • Andrew

    Good luck to both of you! I have my own opinions about the most beautiful language in the world (I’m learning French!) but Italian is another I’d like to learn.

    If you’re building a community of Italian learners, be sure to invite them not only into Rosetta World practice, but also to use the free “”, which is Rosetta Stone’s (free!) advanced practice community. I find that this site works best when you can arrange to log on with friends and schedule your practice time together!

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