Gaming Your Way to a New Language

Arcade AcademyMeet Rosetta Stone® Arcade Academy—a seamless blend of learning and gaming. Our new app is a series of rapid-fire mini games, a la 8-bit arcade classics. Float through space; toss tires; meet burglars face-to-face. All while hearing, reading and identifying Spanish fundamentals ten seconds at a time.

Everyone knows video games are fun and engaging. But according to various studies, gaming is also an effective means for education—when the content is right.

It’s basic gaming motivation: answer wrong and you lose a life. This forces you to think quickly—to use your Spanish skills in a responsive manner. Quite simply, the more you play, the faster your response rate, the better your Spanish.

It’s also basic neuroscience. According to The Wall St. Journal:

“…The powerful combination of concentration and rewarding surges of neurotransmitters like dopamine strengthen neural circuits in much the same way that exercise builds muscles. But, ‘games definitely hit the reward system in a way that not all activities do.’”

Arcade-Academy-500x500Rosetta Stone Arcade Academy is FREE to download, and features hours of arcade goodness, including:

  • 12 unique games; 120 game variations
  • 50 core Spanish words and phrases
  • Five free credits upon install
  • Two free credits each time you open the app
  • Ability to purchase more credits

Download Rosetta Stone Arcade Academy now and get your game on!

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