Global Citizen Year Series: Language Learning Changed My Life

Meet Lindsay Saligman, Fellow at Global Citizen Year, and watch her video to hear highlights from her experience in Ecuador’s Amazon region. Her passion for language grew even stronger during her Global Citizen Year bridge year. “Language learning was a way to have access to people and ways of thinking that totally would be inaccessible if you did not learn the language,” said Lindsay. This was especially true in the rainforest village she called home, and where many villagers spoke in an indigenous language Lindsay went on to learn while living there.

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About Lindsay Salignman

Lindsay Saligman is a junior at Columbia University studying linguistics. In her free time she enjoys traveling, being with friends, and practicing the languages she’s learning. She is working on Spanish, French, Mandarin, Russian, and Farsi, and hopes to begin Arabic and/or Hebrew eventually. In the future, Lindsay hopes to use her passion for languages to help her pursue a career in immigration law or diplomacy.

About Global Citizen Year

Global Citizen Year is an award-winning, non-profit social enterprise on a mission to make it normal to choose a bridge year. These experiences after high school build self-awareness, global skills, and grit – the foundations for success in college and beyond.

Global Citizen Year is for bold high school grads who are hungry to make a real impact, and to make college count. Each year the organization selects a class of talented high school seniors as Fellows, providing opportunities for them to live and work in Brazil, Ecuador, India, or Senegal for a gap year abroad before college.

Rosetta Stone partners with Global Citizen Year by providing their Fellows access to Rosetta Stone languages for the destination country. Follow our student voice blog series to hear from more Global Citizen Year alumni and current fellows.

Learn more about Global Citizen Year, and revisit the Rosetta Stone blog as we continue this series and hear from current GCY Fellows as they share their journey abroad with us.

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