Why Global Competence Is a Gamechanger in Education

Rosetta Stone, OpenGlobe, language learning, cultural content, ondemand webinarLearning a language can open a lot of doors for students, but the door opens much wider when paired with an understanding of global events and how to affect the world around you.

That’s why we’ve entered into a partnership with OpenGlobe, the leader in educational content that develops global competence. Recently, OpenGlobe founder Ted Dale joined us for a webinar about global competence, OpenGlobe, and how both can prove to be gamechangers in the world of college and career.

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Ted defines global competence as the possession of the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to understand and act creatively on issues of global significance. Through OpenGlobe’s content, students are prepared to:

  • Investigate the world
  • Recognize perspectives
  • Communicate ideas with diverse audiences
  • Take action to affect change

With these skills, students are better prepared to join the 21st century’s multinational, multilingual economy.

OpenGlobe’s materials are delivered both online, in-class, and through informative teacher’s guides that can help extend the learning beyond the prescribed curriculum. All activities are aligned with the Common Core and other standards. Student progress is tracked continually with detailed reports.

OpenGlobe’s course materials currently cover Japan, China, Germany, France, the United States, and Latin America, with more cultures on the horizon. They focus on a wide range of topics for each culture, including geography, sports, food, holidays, and more.

The webinar includes a short video demo of OpenGlobe’s content as well as an in-depth Q&A session that talks about individual use cases and how to best bring the gifts of cultural competency to any school.

We’re very excited about this partnership and we’re confident that this webinar is only the first step toward providing rewarding content that will pay dividends in students’ lives.

Click here to check out this fantastic webinar!

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